Iodine Deficiency & Hypothyroidism in Pregnant Women

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Iodine Deficiency & Hypothyroidism in Pregnant Women

Iodine is a mineral we need for thyroid glands so that it can produce thyroid hormones, which are essential for proper regulation of metabolism. Our body can’t produce it by itself; therefore, we need to include it in our diet. Consumption of iodized as well as foods rich in this mineral are essential to ensure the sufficient supply.During pregnancy, iodine requirements increase. Pregnancy has a strong impact on thyroid gland. It is estimated that it can produce 30% to 50% more of thyroxine under normal conditions. You may even notice the discreet increase of gland in size and it occurs in 10% of the cases.

The first trimester of pregnancy is very important since embryo doesn’t have its own thyroid gland. Iodine and thyroid hormone are essential for the development of fetus’ central nervous system. The thyroid of the mother is the one which makes the efforts to nourish embryo. Hypothyroidism Solution Here

Overuse of thyroid is usually no problem in women unless there is a prior deficit. If so, you could develop hypothyroidism.Since a pregnant woman must consume the amount of iodine needed for herself and for the baby, the recommended dose of iodine during pregnancy and lactation in addition is 200-250 micrograms, 50% more than in non-pregnant women.Its deficiency can pose risks to the baby and that can develop hypothyroidism due to delays in cognitive development. A severe deficiency can have more drastic consequences such as spontaneous abortion, premature birth, low birth weight of newborn and congenital anomalies. For more Hypothyroidism treatment click this link

According to the latest studies about iodine intake during pregnancy, it has a positive influence on mental development of the baby.Ingested iodine doesn’t accumulate in body, and which is not used is excreted through urine. It means that you must ingest the daily recommended intake.With simple care, you can make sure the good function of your . The woman's body is ready for it, but considering the very important work being done, you must watch your diet and make certain that an adequate amount of nutritional intake is consumed since it is essential for the health of woman and the baby who is coming into the world.

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